What Makes Hays Service Stand Out in the Facility Services Field?

hays serviceEveryone says they’re different when it comes to their business, service, quality, and capabilities. I guess we are all different but most are referring to “different” in a positive vain. I do think we have some really different goals, ethics, marketing strategies, passions, and reasons for being in business. So again, it is not so much that we are different in positive ways, but how we view a customer and what we expect to receive from their business. So, the Hays Service leadership team has spent considerable time getting input from our team and discussing, debating, praying, and finally deciding on a clear vision for our company. Now we know where and how we are different from many of the companies we see in facility services.

What to Look for as a Customer

Nobody should want to be with a company that has not done anything to add value to its offerings or brought new ideas and technology to their existing customers. While most companies’ rising costs are passed along in some way to the customer, we should be looking for ways to save customers money in owning-and-operating cost. That win-win is definitely something that has become a part of the Hays Service culture. From senior management to the newest team member in the field, we are actively looking for ways to lower cost for our clients.

Hays Service Knowledge & Experience

Sounds good, right? But, you may say “prove it!” Look at the Hays Service website and Facebook page and you will read about some of our offerings like infrared or vibration analysis. These are value adds and can save a customer considerable cost when the basic pm activities can only render so much savings. These newer technologies now can help us pinpoint critical areas and spend our time on the right activities with the most return. But, even as important as that can be, our experience with technicians and mechanics who have been trained on new methods will provide significant savings as well. As they say, nothing is as valuable as experience, but it has to be the right kind of experience.

We have a lot of knowledge (the most in middle Georgia) when it comes to people who understand the complexities of mechanical systems, its design, and intended purpose. Combine that with the technologies of the past and present and you get a much quicker and cheaper resolution to problems, but also insights into true savings.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to sharing more insights into our company and its assets next time.

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