Vibration Analysis

HVAC systems have many moving parts that produce vibrations all throughout the machine. By measuring the vibration of these different parts, we can identify early indicators of the machine’s health. Machine parts have a baseline range of vibration, and if your equipment is registering excessive vibration outside of that range, it may have issues requiring maintenance. The good news is that Hays Service can address these issues before they have a chance to impact your operations.

Predictive Maintenance with Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis allows us to predict failure within your HVAC system and avoid unnecessary maintenance. In the past, traditional HVAC maintenance focused on addressing problems as they arose. This method is faulty, however, due to the increased downtime a failing system can cause.


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With predictive maintenance solutions, like vibration analysis and thermal imaging, Hays Service can find potential problems before they manifest and fix them with minimal downtime. We understand that every minute your systems are down is money lost, and we strive to help keep you running.

Industries Served

Vibration analysis can be a valuable benefit for larger industrial and manufacturing facilities, particularly those that run 24/7. This form of maintenance is most applicable to facilities running larger systems that have a lot of moving parts, as well as for systems using older equipment.

Partnering with Certified Professionals

The Hays team is trained in performing vibration analysis to collect the necessary data. This data is then sent to a company we work close with that specializes in analyzing vibration data. We use the data and our experience to perform the necessary maintenance on your system to prevent significant downtime for your facility. Hays has the added benefit of being able to reach out to these expert partners for help whenever necessary, so you will always receive unmatched service for your HVAC system.