Thermal Imaging

By using infrared thermography to identify thermal patterns of an object’s surface, Hays Service can accurately diagnose mechanical problems such as bearing wear, deteriorating electrical components, and airflow issues. This technique has been used successfully for years by electrical companies, but it is incredibly beneficial for HVAC systems as well. Here at Hays Service, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality maintenance available for your system.

Avoid Downtime with Thermal Imaging

The major benefit of thermal imaging is the fact that it is a form of predictive maintenance, a step beyond preventive maintenance. By scanning the thermal patterns of an object, we can discover potential issues before they progress into actual problems. It allows us to predict the failure of a part within your HVAC system and fix or replace it before it disrupts your operations. Along with vibration analysis, thermal imaging is one of the best ways to avoid a system failure and significant downtime.


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This is a step up from preventive maintenance by avoiding unnecessary repairs or replacements that could waste time or money. Hays Service uses thermal imaging to accurately predict aspects of your system that may break or fail, fix them before they cause problems, and keep your facility going with little or no downtime so that you don’t lose money.

Industries Served

If you own or operate a large building or facility, thermal imaging could be a major benefit to you. Paper mills, graphic packaging plants, large commercial buildings, and hospitals share a couple of commonalities: they operate with large, complex HVAC systems and they can’t afford long periods of downtime. Facilities that rely on refrigeration systems, cooling towers, boilers, and water distribution pumps stand to benefit greatly from predictive maintenance.

Trained Experts

Like other services, thermal imaging requires a trained expert to utilize it and fully benefit from the information it provides. Hays Service has numerous team members who are level 2 certified and have received additional training in thermal imaging.