Project Spotlight: 13WMAZ Chiller Install

A few weeks ago we were contacted by 13WMAZ to help them with a slight cooling problem.  Their main chiller (responsible for over 75% of the facility’s comfort) was operating on two of the four compressors.  After a few repairs, it was apparent this piece of equipment had reached the end of it’s useful life.

The decision was made to replace the chiller, and from there the project was a go.  However, this was no ordinary chiller install.  As we all know, 13 WMAZ is responsible for keeping all of us Middle Georgian’s in the know, and they can’t stop their news cast for a few days, let alone a single broadcast.  Therefore we were given a time frame to complete the install.  What normally takes two to three days would be done on a Thursday night, starting promptly at 11:30pm (after the nightly news) and must be completed before 7:00am that next morning.

Thanks to our team of experts and friends at Piping Services, we were able to get the job done with time to spare!  The fine folks at 13 WMAZ were back up-and-running to deliver our morning news at daybreak.

To watch a segment of the newscast where Frank Malloy, Ben Jones and the crew are discussing the nights event, follow this link: