Preparing Your Building for the Approaching Heat

Unfortunately, we all know its coming. The heat and humidity we are getting ready to experience in Middle Georgia can be daunting. The last thing you want is to head in to work and find that your HVAC system is not cooling as it should. The good news is there is still time to get your building up-to-par before the summer heat arrives…

Common Sense, but Often Overlooked

It may seem like common sense, but many may not know that dirty filters make your HVAC system work harder. Our technicians​ check and change​ your filters (with high quality pleated filters) on a regular basis to ensure they are clea​n​; dirty filters ​also impact your indoor air quality and increase the costs of ​cooling your space​.

In addition to routine filter changes, the importance of clean coils can not be overlooked. Condenser and evaporator coils can easily become clogged with grease, dirt, grime and other buildup and if not cleaned regularly can also become impacted. If ignored, your HVAC system (specifically your compressors) will have to work harder to cool your space. Dirty coils lead to increased energy bills and premature equipment failure. That annual coil cleaning which is easily overlooked is extremely important routine maintenance!

Consider New Technology

DDC, Bacnet and Modbus sounds pretty foreign, right? With our help, its just the opposite! Recent advancements in technology have allow us (and you) to control entire buildings from a smartphone or tablet. Lighting, HVAC, water heating and sprinkler systems are a few of the things you can now control from your office computer or miles away (even while on vacation!).

Our team monitors multiple office buildings, operation critical server rooms, production cooling equipment, surgery suites and more throughout Central Georgia 24/7 to ensure optimal operating temperatures and system performance. This creates environments with optimal comfort/cooling levels and leads to reduced down time. Also, with centralized control on your end, the thermostat war will come to an end.

If you have not considered this route for your facility, now may be the time. With rebates from local power companies that assist with up-front costs on top of estimated energy savings up to 40%, you may want to become familiar with this foreign concept!

Is your equipment up for the task?

It’s important to have the proper tools for any task. It’s important to realistically assess your HVAC equipment every so often. Are the air conditioning units the right size for your building? Is there any waste occurring from the system being too big? Looking over this may seem like a daunting task, but it could be an important factor in saving money during the summer months.

If you have questions about your HVAC systems design, our staff can help you by performing a building/system survey. ​