How We Prioritize a Growth Mindset at Hays Service

a graphic that represents business growthTraining, training, training… we hear that word all the time, especially in our world of constantly changing technology, equipment, and mechanical systems. But, who has the time, facilities, or trainers? Basic HVAC controls and newer equipment is loaded with computers, artificial intelligence, and all sorts of sensors that require training.

So, what must our team do to ensure that our customers know they are getting the most out of their systems? We must dedicate time each year to learning new technology. In addition, we must reinforce the basics of planned maintenance work.

Pre-COVID-19, we made a big decision to commit to a dedicated training room and technology center at our office location. We believed that if we invested a large amount of our resources to a space, we would no longer have any excuses not to train better and more often.

We just finished the renovation and could not be happier with the outcome so far. We can seat 50+ people in a classroom environment. We will welcome outside vendors and trainers to teach us the latest technology and reinforce the basics of mechanical systems, central plant and chiller optimization, integrated control systems, pumps and water flow dynamics, airside measurement and its impact, test and balance, and other essential topics.

If you have interest in attending an open session, we will keep you posted on those subjects and offerings as we come back together (post-COVID-19).

Now we ask the Hays Service team, “What are we going to have on our training calendar?” instead of asking, “Are we ever going to get more training?”

Until next time, stay safe, pray for those who are suffering, and look forward to a state of normalcy soon.

Head Coach at Hays Service,