Hays Service Honored by Linc Service with the A.C.E. Award

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For the past 32 years, Hays Service has been associated with a national franchise group called Linc Service. Linc Service has prided itself as the largest group (200 locations) of pure HVAC service providers in the country for the past 40 years. Thousands of partner employees are dedicated to improving the unique services of HVAC maintenance and energy projects in every sector of the economy. In other words, we are the “best of the best” according to many independent groups who seek out Linc Service contractors in their region.

So much for bragging, as my mother told me not to do! But our testimonials and retention rates speak for themselves. We love our customers and treat them like family. We have learned a lot from Linc Service and the millions of dollars spent on refining our maintenance tasking, handheld technology, and customer CARE programs. Linc Service partners spend time weekly comparing trends, exploring new technology, and talking “shop” with other HVAC professionals. We share openly and report all our data back to Linc Service for constant benchmarking.

The Inside Scoop on the A.C.E. Award

What is the A.C.E. award? A.C.E. stands for Achieving Contractor Excellence, and Hays Service just won the coveted award for our performance in 2021! Only one contractor out of the entire 200 providers nationwide wins it each year. Last year, it was our small yet mighty company – Hays Service from Macon, GA.

What does that mean to our customers? First, let me tell you what it entails. We have to score 90% or better on 6 metrics encompassing everything from sales growth, maintenance growth, profitability, customer retention, to using all the Linc Service operating tools. This means that an objective individual is looking at our performance from every angle to ensure we uphold the integrity of the “Linc System.” If we do not do our maintenance properly, it shows up in our reports. If our renewal rate starts to lag, Linc Service knows it. If our financial ratios are out of whack, we get a call. These are friendly, objective calls to help us improve all our offerings.

Drop by our office and we can show you a plaque or two but more importantly, we want to talk to our customers. Whether you’re a brand-new Hays Service customer or have been a repeating customer for decades, we’d love to talk with you. I want to say a big THANK YOU to our employees and the Linc Service system for making us who we are today. It is an honor to be recognized by Linc Service as one of the best of the best!

  • The Hays Team