Faith Over Fear

separation of 2020 and 2021

I think most people who put crosses in their yard or hung a sign that read “Faith Over Fear” truly believed COVID would be over by the end of 2020. I believed we would be able to start fresh for 2021 with no fear. Now we get to test our resolve to trust our real faith, whether in God or man!

Instead of a dark winter, let’s look forward to a bright spring season. I am optimistic that we are going to turn the corner soon, and we have a great game plan for our approach to our customers. The good news is that our services do not have to change much, as we already do things every day that make a facility healthier. We have incorporated a few new technologies in our toolkit that attack many of the germs and contaminants in the air stream that make us sick.

As a bonus, if you properly maintain your HVAC equipment, you are doing things that make it much more efficient and the capital replacement cost is extended. This can save a customer thousands of dollars each year, while still providing lower energy cost. Most people have always focused on operating cost and not so much on healthy buildings, but the focus is shifting to have both in plain view. The bad news is without a specific maintenance tasking plan with advanced testing equipment to predict failure, you keep getting the unplanned cost spikes that really challenge an annual budget.

We have many different maintenance plans to fit an array of budgets for our building owner customers. We have a guaranteed plan that incorporates all expenses you may incur in a year that shifts most of the risk to us. Since we spread that risk over hundreds of agreements, you may be surprised at the payback. We have a financial analysis that our consultant can walk through with you to help make an informed decision. This process does not cost you anything other than your financial team’s time to gather past cost history.

It is a new year and it’s time to do things different as it relates to your building’ health. The payback is witnessed in happier employees, less absenteeism, and the belief that you care about them and their safety. We bring the tools to the table to prove our services work and a lot of history with our national franchisor, Linc Service, who validates this around the country.

Let’s talk early in 2021, before we all get too busy with the positive things that may hit as the virus is slowed down or eliminated. It is going to be a great year, and I cannot wait to get into the swing of a post-COVID environment.

Remember, it is truly faith that keeps us going each and every day!

Head Coach of Hays Service, – Cal Hays