A Culture of Safety

Our team completes regular safety training with in-house and OSHA designed courses, as well as training by our insurance loss control experts. We are totally committed to zero accidents in our company – period!

We’ve gone many years without a recordable incident and have achieved an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) below 1.0 for over ten years, meaning our company is safer than the industry average. Our commitment to safety comes from the top – starting with the president and key managers, and moving through each level of our organization. Our safety meetings are organized and managed from the senior level every week, with every employee required to attend.

We are members of all the premier safety clearing organizations used by the safest companies in the country, and we’re proud to be among a distinguished group of contractors.

We ThinkSafe 24-Hours A Day, 365-Days A Year!

Our team enters every project with accident prevention and general safety in mind.


Keeping people safe is our top priority. We are always aware of those we work around and make conscious decisions to prevent injuries.


We work with dangerous tools and equipment on a daily basis, making safety even more crucial. Our team is trained to use and store equipment in the safest possible way to prevent workplace accidents.


Our work environment is filled with potential hazards that can lead to worksite accidents. We train our team to stay aware of their environment, paying attention to potential issues such as weather, stairs, and lighting, to prevent accidents and injuries.

















  • Specialized Services

    Whether welded or brazed, threaded or flanged, we can provide experienced piping fabricators and installers for every type of process piping system.

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  • Energy Solutions

    Hays Service specializes in positively impacting your building’s energy consumption, and, in turn, decreasing your largest operating cost – energy.

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  • HVAC Maintenance

    Technicians perform scheduled maintenance preventing premature failure and keeping your systems functioning at optimum performance all year round.

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