7 Lessons We have Learned in 75 years

History can teach you many lessons, both good and bad.

Well, maybe there is no such thing as bad lessons but things we do that create negative outcomes. Both lessons are important, as many experts say the only way to really learn something is to fail forward.

I agree with that, but I also think that mistakes we make should not be repeated. Quick and decisive action should be taken to overcome them, and it should be well documented. This would be in the form of new policies or procedures to help future generations learn from those lessons.

After speaking with many team members – one of whom is my 90-year-old father – and reflecting on my 42 years in this company, I’ve put together a list of lessons we’ve learned in 75 years:

1 – Never over promise or under deliver on your services. Another way to say this is always under promise and over deliver.

2 – Always be open and honest in everything you do or say to employees and customers.

3 – Be a positive and helpful resource to those around you as two heads are better than one is true in many cases.

4 – Never criticize, condemn, or complain to someone in mixed company, as bad news travels fast and can be misinterpreted very easily.

5 – Life is short and unfair many times, so find some fun in everyday life.

6 – We will win or lose, rise or fall, based on the leadership and ownership each person takes in his or her role.

7 – There is a higher power we are accountable to – Jesus Christ in my case – who loves us unconditionally and wants us to succeed in life.

What lessons have you learned in your time as a company? Send me your list and let’s compare notes. Life is different for all of us in many ways. But rest assured, we want a lasting relationship with all of our customers and we work on that in some way, every day.