4 Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

In recent years, office buildings and other commercial complexes have begun to trend towards energy efficiency. Not only is “going green” good for the environment, but it’s the key to saving your business money. Studies have shown that by devising a plan and properly maintaining your equipment, you can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 30%. At Hays Service, we specialize in developing energy solutions for a variety of businesses. Try the following steps:

Educate Your Employees

The first step you can and should take won’t cost you anything and can save you money – educate your employees on proper energy-efficient behavior. Instill in your entire team the importance of turning off lights in rooms that aren’t in use, shutting down computers at the end of the day, and checking the thermostat before locking up at night.

Choose Laptops when Possible

Desktop computers are still useful and necessary tools in the business world. However, laptops can be far more energy efficient, using 80-90% less energy than a desktop. Consider switching employees who don’t require the extra screen space or computing power of a desktop to an energy-saving laptop.

Upgrade to Modern HVAC Systems

Your building’s HVAC system likely accounts for the majority of your energy costs. Modern HVAC systems operate far more efficiently and can significantly reduce your yearly energy costs. Additionally, newer systems produce cleaner, fresher air for you and your employees.

Update Your Lighting Systems

Along with HVAC, lighting is likely your building’s other major expense. LED lightbulbs last far longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, they produce less heat, and they’re more durable. You may also want to consider motion sensing or daylight sensing lights, so they’re automatically switched off or dimmed when not in use.

By following these steps, you can significantly reduce your energy footprint as well as your building’s operating costs.

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