Vibration Analysis FAQs

The health of your industrial machines will directly impact the overall success of your company. If they are not running at 100% efficiency, they will not produce the best possible results. Allow us to answer several frequently asked questions about vibration analysis and how it can boost the life of your machines.

What is vibration analysis?

Machines “talk” in various ways such as emitting sounds or creating vibrations. When your machine creates vibrations, these vibrations can be measured and understood. Through the right equipment and extensive knowledge, our team of technicians can collect and analyze the data from the vibrations and determine exactly where maintenance is needed.

How can vibration analysis measure machine health?

When an industrial machine is running smoothly, its components will naturally release vibrations as its working. Consistent vibrations are an indicator that the machine is working efficiently. However, if your vibrations are intermittently spiking or there is a gap in vibrations, your machine is telling you that a component is not performing at its full potential.

Why is vibration analysis considered predictive maintenance?

Once your vibration analysis service is complete, your Hays Service technician will analyze the machine’s report – the “bill of health” if you will. If the report shows inefficient or faulty machine components via the vibrations, our technician can fix the problem BEFORE a costly breakdown occurs.

Is vibration analysis worth the money?

Think about it this way – you can spend money on predictive maintenance, no downtime, and optimizing the health of your industrial machinery, OR you can spend even more money on fixing the issue, downtime, and replacing your industrial machinery because it no longer works.

If you must spend money on your machines, you have the option to do so wisely by implementing vibration analysis and other predictive maintenance services offered by Hays Service.

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