The Importance of Timing & Training at Hays Service

Timing is so important in many aspects of life. Often, we aren’t aware of how timing comes into play. But when something so obvious with timing crosses your path, it reminds us how important timing is.

Let me start at the beginning of the story.

Hays Service decided a few years ago to establish a Train Our Partners (TOP) program, a comprehensive training program for our employees and customers. I like to describe the concept as educating our customers to be the best “paramedics” to keep a unit alive while our Specialists are on the way. This is focused directly on reducing system downtime and maintaining comfort in the space, or keeping process cooling flowing. Some of our previous classes include chiller training, boiler training, refrigeration training, and arc flash training.

Now, let’s get back to timing.

We had a TOP program scheduled for early spring 2022 that had to be rescheduled. We rescheduled the class for January 2023. Everything was on the calendar, the instructor was booked, and we sent all the invitations to our customers and staff. We were ready for our American Heart CPR and First Aid training.

The January 2, 2023, Monday Night Football game was like no other. A player on the Buffalo Bills team, Damar Hamlin, had a terrifying injury during a tackle. Suddenly, the entire football world (and many people outside of football) watched this story unfold right in front of us on live TV. We saw very grown, rough-and-tumble football players embracing each other and watching a fit athlete receive CPR on the field of play. Fans, coaches, players, and announcers all collectively bowed their heads in prayer. I know I don’t have to share the rest of the story, as everyone already knows. However, I will share that this young man, Damar Hamlin, was in the stadium to watch his teammates play their last game of the season on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

I am very pleased to announce that we had 33 people trained and certified from The American Heart Association CPR and first aid class just over a week later. And I will share that as a heart patient myself, I feel much better that I have people around me that will be prepared to act and possibly save lives.

We are committed to our customers through various kinds of TOP training with the goal to make our team better. In this case, the timing just happened to make our CPR training schedule a little more… timely.

– Bob King, Sales Manager at Hays Service