The Importance of Safety & How We Implement it at Hays Service

safetyBeyond our knowledge and experience is a culture of safety that we have implemented into the Hays Service environment. We know that our safety directly affects our customers, and we are proud to have many years pass without a recordable incident attached to our name. This is why safety is so important to our team:

It Keeps Us Accountable

We don’t cut corners, use low-quality tools, or install subpar products. We don’t do these things because that’s not the very nature and character of Hays Service team members. But beyond that, we don’t do that because they’re not safe. When we maintain a culture of safety, it allows us to give the very best service to our clients, which holds us accountable to every action we take.

It Allows Us to Produce Quality Work

It’s no secret that our line of work requires us to work with dangerous tools in hazardous environments. When we keep safety at the forefront of our minds, our work will flourish. Therefore, we always take into consideration worksite elements such as lighting, stairs, ladders, chemicals, and more before and during the project.

It Strengthens Our Customer Relationships

When you know that the company you hired to prevent or fix a breakdown also cares immensely about safety, you will be able to rest assured that your equipment is in good hands. We take intentional steps toward creating a safe work environment which tells you, our customer, that we care about the little details.

Team with the Best

When you partner with Hays Service, you can be confident that you’ve hired competent, talented, and trained experts to work on your equipment. We value each other, safety, our customers, and projects. If you have any questions about our culture of safety, give us a call: 478- 475-4118.