School Ventilation, IAQ, & Energy Loss

Most adults can recall sitting in class in high school, struggling to stay awake, yawning nonstop, and chalking it up to lack of sleep, or an especially boring lecture. But, more than likely, our younger selves were suffering the very real side effects of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which can translate to lower test scores, increased absences, and other health issues.

Establishing a school’s IAQ needs, is step one to finding a solution for this issue. Once completed, the next step is figuring how to bring fresh air into a school – without breaking the bank. Installing energy recovery systems and occupancy sensors could help provide just enough ventilation for a school to keep people healthy and productive without exceed a school’s budgets. Finally, while ventilation is important to IAQ, a lack of maintenance can have a profound impact on IAQ and energy efficiency, even when enough fresh air is being brought into the school. So, a preventive maintenance solution is necessary to improving and maintaining the overall IAQ of the school.

Bringing ample fresh air into schools is necessary for creating a healthy learning environment for students and staff. With input and help from Hays Service, school districts can find affordable and effective ways to improve their students’ health, performance, and overall comfort.