Regularly Scheduled Maintenance: Is It Really Worth It?

The Hays Service team often talks to our prospects about our services and what we provide. We give them great information that leaves them with the question — is a proactive, documented, professional maintenance plan worth the money?

Sometimes we compare our offerings to maintenance on vehicles and use a Ferrari as the comparison. Wouldn’t you take your Ferrari to get regular scheduled maintenance exactly when it was due?

Some may say, “But I don’t have a Ferrari HVAC system.” I believe that many of our customers have at least a Ferrari invested in their building’s mechanical system. And, most of the time, the energy that is wasted on a yearly basis due to poor maintenance accounts for excess cost!

So again, is regularly scheduled maintenance really worth it? How much risk are you willing to take and are there alternatives? One of our offerings puts all the risk on us when it comes to annual cost for trouble calls and repair/replacement of major components. We call it Guaranteed Protection, and there are thousands of agreements in place (only through Linc Service providers around the country).

The advantages include the ability to budget for a fixed expense and lowering your energy cost with minimal downtime. Remember these costs are a large percentage of your building’s operating expense! To be able to predict the cost each year is a huge advantage. When our customers get used to having this in place, they never want to go back to the old way of trying to plan for unexpected expenses.

Once again, you may say that sounds expensive. We can do an assessment and, with a few items of historical cost, give you an analysis and let you decide if the risk/reward is appropriate. As you are waiting to decide, many wasted dollars could be flying out the door with premature equipment failure and wasted energy cost.

Give us a call and let us review our process. It will not cost you anything for that conversation and I guarantee you will learn something that makes your building performance better.

Have a happy and blessed summer!

– Cal