Reasons To Consider Launching A Continuous Energy Improvement Program

If your corporate energy management program has focused primarily on one-time energy improvements, you’ve likely experienced a notable increase in energy efficiency and then possibly some backsliding later on. Maybe now you’re wondering what’s the best approach to achieving ongoing energy efficiency? The answer is: continuous energy improvement. Here are four reasons why launching a company-wide CEI program may be one of the smartest business decisions you can make:

  • What’s not to like about saving money? Companies embarking on a CEI program that starts with an operations and maintenance tune up can realize 10-15% savings within the first three years, and 25-35% within six years.
  • Your employees will appreciate and benefit from it. Because CEI is a program of ongoing improvement everyone in your company has a stake in the program’s success.
  • Your company will be seen as a leader. As you gain control of your energy spend and begin to see an increase in profitability as a direct result of increased efficiency -a happy by-product is an increase in sustainability and diminished impact on the planet.
  • It’s easier than you think. Your company may already participate in similar programs promoting ongoing improvement. Therefore, the philosophy behind continuous improvement is already a part of your corporate DNA.

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