Proper Tools & Proper Training Require a Specialist

How many people go to a pediatrist for an eye exam?

I know – it sounds crazy to read and even crazier to write. When we must visit a physician, we choose where we will go based on their specialty. Each of these specialists have tools they use to help them see what our bodies are doing so they can choose a treatment option that ensures an extended quality of life. Also, they can help us make sure our body is operating as efficiently as possible.

For example, an orthopedic doctor may use an X-ray or MRI while a cardiologist may use an EKG machine.

Your building or facility is like a body and the mechanical systems work like organs. To achieve a long, healthy life for your high-dollar mechanical systems, you must have the right tools and a properly trained HVAC specialist. Tools such as benchmarking your facility to similar facilities can provide you with an initial “physical” to discover your current state.

After we conduct the benchmarking service, we can dive deeper using data loggers that track air quality, temperature, humidity, energy star rating, thermal imaging, and vibration analysis to supply you with invaluable data of your machine’s current state. Hays Service employs all of these tools along with trained specialists to deploy and report your results.

Just like a physician’s tools help them make educated decisions about how to stay healthy, we use our specialty tools so you can choose the best treatment plan for your facility.

Check out the images in this blog to see an example of one of these specialty tools, Building Advice, and what a benchmarking analysis report could tell you about your current status. Then, call us to schedule your building “physical”: (478) 475-4118.

energy usage scorecard chart

energy usage scorecard chart