How Preventive Maintenance Can Protect Your HVAC Equipment in the Summer Heat

In a few months, Middle Georgia will experience days where the temperature stays in the 80s, 90s, and possibly hits the dreaded 100-degree mark. The summer heat will demand that thermostats are lowered to protect your team’s comfort and productivity. Allow us to highlight how a year-round preventive maintenance plan can maximize your team’s comfort and equipment’s longevity without compromising your budget.

5 Benefits of a Year-Round Preventive Maintenance Program

By implementing regular preventive maintenance by a skilled Hays Service technician, you are preparing your equipment for the season when it will have to work the hardest. When you opt for year-round maintenance, you will enjoy:

  • Budget Stability
  • Building Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Equipment Longevity
  • Peace of mind

Implementing a year-round preventive maintenance program helps you avoid emergency calls and expensive repairs. Losing operating hours and replacing equipment will be more costly than paying for a scheduled preventive maintenance program!

Our technicians go to great lengths to avoid major equipment problems at every preventive maintenance appointment. Ultimately, addressing issues early can prevent them from turning into costly, major problems.

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Gambling on the health of your equipment will cause unnecessary stress and unexpected expenses. Further, when you choose to fix your equipment when it breaks instead of maintaining it year-round, you are establishing an unhealthy relationship with your HVAC company. They are earning money when you are losing money! That’s not what drives our team at Hays Service. We want to help your company succeed and keep money in your pocket by helping your equipment last for many years, thanks to our preventive maintenance program.

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