Why Preventive Maintenance is Ideal for You and Your HVAC System

When it comes to maintaining the health and functionality of your facility’s HVAC system, it is crucial to both your system and your budget that you rely on preventive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance. Many businesses make the mistake of only performing maintenance or repairs when something has broken or stopped working. By utilizing the concept of preventive maintenance, you can discover potential issues and repair them before they have a chance to progress into actual issues.

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Unfortunately, many facilities survive on reactive maintenance rather than thriving on preventive maintenance. Maintaining your HVAC system with a preventive mindset is akin to getting an oil change in your car. You can run your car into the ground to the point that the engine is smoking and your lack of oil has caused hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage. Or, you can have your oil changed for a fraction of that cost and preserve the health of your car engine. Your HVAC system requires a similar approach.

2 Ways We Provide Preventive Maintenance

At Hays Service, we firmly believe in the power of preventive HVAC maintenance. To provide our clients with a high level of preventive maintenance, we offer the preventive-focused services of thermal imaging and vibration analysis.

Thermal Imaging

Through the use of thermal technology, we can scan an object’s thermal patterns to discover issues. Thermal imaging can decipher bearing wear, deteriorating components, and more. Our team features level 2 certified members who have received additional training in thermal imaging.

Vibration Analysis

Different parts within your HVAC system produce their own frequencies of vibration. By measuring these vibrations, a great deal of information relating to the system’s health can be determined. We work closely with vibration analysis specialists and use the technique to benefit your system.

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