Prepping Your HVAC System for the Cold and How Hays Can Help

HVAC SystemThe dead of winter is one of the worst times for your business’ HVAC system to experience problems. Not only can a freezing cold office be absolute misery for your employees to work in, but this time of year is commonly the busiest part of the heating season for HVAC companies and contractors, meaning it can be difficult to get the issue taken care of promptly.

There’s a good chance you spent over 6 months of the year with no heat on, running the air conditioner for most of that time. By the time you realize you have a heating problem, it could be very cold already and many other people will also be dealing with boiler and heating issues.

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A few tips that will greatly benefit your commercial HVAC system include considering replacing older heating systems, checking and replacing air filters, and having an inspection done on your system.

Consider Replacing Older Heating Systems

In addition to the fact that they are more likely to experience problems simply due to age, if you have a heating system or boiler that is more than a decade old, you could be spending unnecessary money. Older heating systems and boilers aren’t nearly as efficient as more modern systems.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Your air filters are the front line of your HVAC system – they can be easily cleaned or replaced. However, when they’re dirty, they can lead to bloated energy bills and can affect the longevity of your HVAC system. Make sure to clean your air filters before it gets really cold and replace the ones that aren’t in good shape.

Have an Inspection by an Expert Company Prior to Heavy Use

The best way to avoid a system failure at the most inopportune time is to have it inspected before you begin heavy use. Winter is a demanding time of year and an inspection will potentially save you a great deal of time and money by discovering potential problems before they become real problems.

HVAC System Maintenance that Won’t Shut Down Your Operations

At Hays Service, one of our specialties is performing maintenance on your HVAC system in such a way that your business operations will not be affected. We are experts at working around your staff.