What Makes Hays Service Stand Out in the Facility Services Field?

Everyone says they’re different when it comes to their business, service, quality, and capabilities. Really? I guess we are all different but most are referring to “different” in a positive vain. I do think we have some really different goals, ethics, marketing strategies, passions, and reasons for being in business.

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An Open Letter to Building Owners

Dear Building Owners, Managers and Supervisors, What makes a great building experience for occupants, guest and tenants? Is it nice furnishings, lighting, cleanliness, tall ceilings? I think it is all of those
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Common Objections

I’m proud to say that Hays Service has been in the “HVAC business” for over 70 years. During that time, we’ve been many things to our customers. From mechanical contractors installing stainless steel piping and complex HVAC
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