Merry & Bright – Hays Service Thanks Our Essential Workers!

As I get older, my energy is not what it used to be. But every time Christmas rolls around, I start to get excited for no real reason. Yes, I am a Christian and believe the birth of Christ is what it is all about. But, there is something magical about the season of giving.

Many companies around the country, whether they are spiritually connected, always do something for their customers at Christmas. I believe we all want to be givers rather than takers most of the time. The holidays are an excuse to be generous to each other in some way.

At Hays Service, we have to work sometimes on Christmas Day or during the weeks leading up to the New Year. Many would like to be home with their family and resting. But, our customers have 24/7 demands in many cases. We are careful to rotate workers, so no one person carries the entire burden. We understand that we are essential workers in these cases.

I say this to emphasize our loyalty and professionalism in our ranks. It starts in our office and carries into the field where the “rubber meets the road.”

I want to thank our workforce for their dedication all year, but especially during the holidays. We know our customers appreciate it, as we have a 96% retention rate in maintenance agreements year after year. Thanks again for your loyalty and partnership.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all!

  • Cal Hays, President of Hays Service