An Inside Look Into Thermal Imaging

closeup shot of a handheld thermal imaging deviceYour first thought when you hear the term “thermal imaging” is likely a picture of different colors – red, blue, orange, yellow, and more. This incredible equipment displays heat radiation, and certified technicians diagnose mechanical issues based on the colors! Thermal imaging is one of many services that we offer to our customers who seek preventative maintenance.

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Keep reading to discover more about thermal imaging and how it can benefit your company.

What is thermal imaging?

Objects communicate by radiating heat, and we can measure this heat using thermal imaging equipment. Our equipment will show us different colors, and those colors tell us if there is a problem within the equipment. This allows us to work on the most critical items first, before a failure occurs!

Why is it important?

Thermal imaging has successfully diagnosed problems such as failing electrical components, airflow issues, bearing wear, and other mechanical issues. Although these issues may not be apparent to the naked eye, the thermal imaging equipment can capture the problem and report it to us! This is extremely important for companies to use, as it contributes to preventative and predictive maintenance. Preventative and predictive maintenance will save companies money and increase the longevity of equipment life.

What industries is thermal imaging used for?

Thermal imaging is incredible because it can be used for a variety of industries – paper mills, graphic packaging plants, large commercial buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, central energy plants, and more. We know that downtime is not an option, and thermal imaging can prevent that from occurring.

How can Hays Service help?

We have level 2 certified experts on staff who know how to operate this equipment and diagnose problems. Our goal is that our preventative maintenance will bring you peace of mind, save money, and increase your equipment’s life. When you want to maximize your maintenance dollars, thermal imaging is a great way to accomplish that.

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