Honoring Jimmy Hays on His 90th Birthday

hays serviceOn September 2, we celebrated Jimmy Hays 90th birthday. Throughout his life, he has affected countless people – his family, friends, employees, and even strangers. People know Jimmy Hays on a multitude of levels, but I have the honor of knowing him as “dad.”

Keep reading to discover his influence, attributes, and maybe a few things you didn’t know about the patriarch of Hays Service:

Tell us about the impact Mr. Hays still has on Hays Service.

As we grew the service business, Mr. Hays (Jimmy) was able to help us define our culture as one that was consistent with his dad’s and his own personal philosophy – “always do the right thing, no matter the cost.” His reputation for quality and high trust in the community was able to be carried on, even though he was less active in the business. Now we can talk about a 70-year history and a legacy of loyal customers that he had contact with throughout his working life.

What is one of his best attributes?

My dad never, ever gives up. He was determined to solve problems for our customers and they knew he would always come back with a solution.

Tell us a couple things we may not know about your dad.

My dad was an Eagle Scout, lettered in wresting at Georgia Tech, and was a Second Lieutenant in the Army in the Korean War.

What is his favorite saying or quote?

If you bring him a problem, he will ask “What do you think we should do?” to solve the issue. He really liked for our employees to solve their own problems and he was there for support. He also likes to say, “There is no time like the present.”

What is the most influential thing you learned from your dad?

If you believe in something, stand up for it and never let someone back you down. Life is not easy, but a strong faith, hard work, and unconditional love will get you all you need.

Words are inadequate concerning how much my dad influenced my life and Hays Service as a whole. But, we bet you can see the difference when our team members service your building or help you with your needs. Thank you for choosing Hays Service and being part of our family!