Is your business ready for a post-pandemic summer?

young businesswomanThat is the question facing many business owners and facility directors as we head out of the pandemic. We all modified our behavior over the last 12 months because we did not see an end in sight to our situation. Was business going to slow way down or would a national lockdown be mandated? For some businesses, the pandemic has been catastrophic and others it has not been that bad. All businesses made decisions based on our circumstances, fears, and what we were told by state and local officials.

For the most part, people have been conservative about spending, and that is understandable. But now, it looks like the V-shape recovery will happen in 2021, and you need to be ready to reap the benefits. If you have put off anything that limits your growth or affects your productivity or comfort, it’s time to reconsider.

Some of our customers are expecting and/or already seeing a rapid demand for their services. We have done a lot to make full occupancy and safe working environments possible. If you have not responded to our free survey of your facility for enhanced air quality needs, please call Bob King (478-957-5985).

Most important is the planned maintenance that is required all year but especially now as we head into the extreme heat coming this summer. Energy savings that come along with proper maintenance of your equipment is mandatory for avoiding interruptions in comfort or productivity.

We can also guarantee your overall cost of repairs and trouble calls with an agreement that covers those unexpected expenses. Many of our customers enjoy that option and have benefited for many years with associated peace of mind. Of course, we continue to provide the most comprehensive HVAC maintenance in Middle Georgia, along with Linc Service, our national partner.

I think it will be great summer for all to enjoy and I’m looking forward to a new sense of life and peace in our nation.

Cal Hays – Head Coach