Important Customer Service Attributes: Fast, Helpful, Friendly

customer service

What does fast, helpful, and friendly mean to you? Do you want everyone you meet to have those qualities? How about your service provider who is in charge of optimizing your company’s comfort and efficiency? A recent survey asked over 1,000 consumers what best described customer service, and those three words were the winners. Let’s take a look at how Hays Service strives to deliver those three important attributes:

Customer Service Attribute: Fast

While many people think of fast as being rushed or hectic, we think of fast as efficient. We never want to move at a pace that sacrifices safety or quality, as there are many situations that take time to evaluate properly. Part of being safe and keeping our customers’ facilities safe is not overlooking items that moving too fast would miss.

So, what is fast as it relates to our services? To us, it means returning your phone call promptly if you call for service, if you have a question about an invoice, or just need some quick advice. We should be moving at a pace that is reasonable. Fast in the field translates to everyone knowing their role when they arrive at your facility, and there is no lost motion due to poor planning. This facilitates a faster repair with less cost and downtime for you. That kind of fast saves money and time.

Customer Service Attribute: Helpful

Helpful seems to be self-explanatory, but it requires a lot of training to tell a customer what we have diagnosed in layman’s terms. We must be careful not to talk in technical terms that may be confusing, leading to a lack of trust. Sometimes, we talk to customers who want a technical explanation like a plant engineer or maintenance mechanic. So, to be truly helpful, we have to know our customers well and, when necessary, shift gears to the level of knowledge they are most comfortable in a discussion. We believe to be truly helpful we should offer different cost options if they are available. We never want a customer to feel like we are taking advantage of a particular situation.

Customer Service Attribute: Friendly

Finally, the last word that showed up in the survey was friendly as it related to a positive customer experience. You may be thinking, “Of course that is what I want.” But how many times do you keep letting a company send an unfriendly person to your doors? We strive to provide a friendly experience every time our technicians enter your facility or when you call our office. We do not let intense environments like heat or long workdays compromise our friendly demeanor. Our team is trained to work after hours, weekends, and in all kinds of harsh environments. We want our customers to expect our service 24/7/365 because that’s what we have promised you! There is no excuse for an unfriendly encounter with our office staff or field technicians – no matter the time or day. We understand your need to keep people comfortable for productivity reasons and keep your plant online for cost reasons.

The Hays Service team strives to show up at your location being fast, helpful, and friendly in all situations. If you call our office or interact with one of our project managers, the same rules apply. Give us a call, and I’m confident you will find these attributes in all our team members.

Remember part of our core focus and passion is Building Lasting Relationships.

Head Coach of Hays Service,

– Cal