How to Choose the Right HVAC Provider

older man smiles as he uses his laptop computerBeing in the HVAC industry for almost 75 years has taught us many lessons about what to do and what not to do. We have learned that customers really know a lot more about what they want from us than we think they do. That means we must be better listeners and ask the right questions as we advance through the years as their provider.

Having a customer for a long time can be a blessing to both parties, but also can lead to apathy on both sides. If we are not discussing new challenges, talking about current budgets, or how their business is performing annually, we miss opportunities to help with these strategies.

You may be wondering what this has to do with HVAC. When you look at investment strategies, capital cost concerns, ROI, and a host of other financial decisions, our advice and information impacts all of those mentioned. Just hoping your system will last another year or hoping your energy cost will not go up too much is not a good long-term or short-term strategy. Studies by BOMA and many other leading national property management groups conclude empirically that planned maintenance provided by qualified companies brings triple digit returns on investment. That is significant and should not be taken lightly.

So, how do you decide who is qualified and who is not? As we mentioned in our last blog, if you need open heart surgery, you do not just look on the internet and get three prices. You ask for references, look at history, talk to industry experts, have one-on-one time with representatives, and talk about cost as it relates to services. Then, you can you make a good buying decision.

Not all HVAC providers are alike! Most specialize in one area, work in several other arenas, and dabble in a few more. Find out where the specialization is and concentrate your questions and decisions based on that area.

Finally, we must be good stewards in our own community and help as many institutions and agencies that help the people who live here move forward. Sometimes moving forward is just having enough food or paying for electricity to heat a home. We try to provide financial support for agencies throughout Middle Georgia that understand the needs of those less fortunate. We support a variety of learning institutions that train students for jobs in our area. We want our community to be safe, so we support law enforcement and faith-based institutions to help us be strong when we need to be.

When you are having those questions about how to pick the right service provider, think about the process I just discussed and give it serious thought. We have so many customers who say they had given up on finding a HVAC company that would make things better. So, they started shopping based on price and things got worse!

Our customers tell us that now their overall HVAC cost are lower and more manageable. This is a result of putting our system of planned maintenance in place and allowing it to work. We love when we build lasting relationships with our customers and they see the financial results each year.

We thank each customer for allowing us into their organizations and the mutual trust it creates!

– Cal Hays, President of Hays Service