How to Avoid Major Downtime & Emergency Costs in Summer

I say every season that it is my favorite season. But in middle Georgia, we have some incredible flowers and trees blooming during spring. It can look like something out of a movie, and many times we don’t appreciate the beauty until it’s gone.

So, when all the pollen has washed away, and the temperature begins to heat up, we know summer has arrived. When it comes to energy savings and making sure your equipment is running at its best, spring is the time to act.

Energy costs and repair costs are skyrocketing right now. Additionally, delays in critical parts and equipment are costly. These costs will rear their ugly head in production downtime or comfort in your medical facility, school, or office building.

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I encourage you to have a mental spring cleaning and make sure you get a fresh start with your summer maintenance plan. Don’t delay these decisions until it’s too late to save yourself the headache. Being proactive is the key to reducing costly failures.

Our team is energized when a customer goes an entire year without any trouble calls. We conduct maintenance and make repairs before a failure occurs in many cases. If you are on our fixed price guaranteed program, you never see any additional bills.

Spring has sprung and the days are counting down to summer. Let’s enjoy it all the way to the next fall season!

Remember, we are always Building Lasting Relationships!

– Cal Hays