How the SkillMill Training Program by Interplay Learning is Changing the HVAC Industry

Some companies may say that your operation is only as good as your equipment. We beg to differ. Your equipment is vital, but the knowledge and expertise of your HVAC maintenance team will make the difference. That’s why the Hays Service team prioritizes sending trained and knowledgeable technicians to YOUR business’ doors. Allow us to highlight a new training program – SkillMill by Interplay Learning – for our technicians and how it will benefit our customers.

The Inside Scoop on SkillMill by Interplay Learning

In the trades, there is a gap in generational knowledge and experience. As older men and women transition into retirement, younger technicians will continue working and serving the community. However, it’s vital that the knowledge and skillset that the older generation have gained is also available to the next generation.

Interplay Learning aims to bridge this gap by offering the SkillMill training program. It serves to teach technicians of all ages the important information needed to expertly serve customers and maintain equipment. By participating in the online courses, technicians will benefit from:

  • 200+ hours of expert-led courses
  • In-depth instructions and teachings
  • Interactive virtual reality & 3D simulations
  • Safe & engaging environment

The SkillMill training program is fast-tracking a technician’s education without compromising quality. With this valuable knowledge, a technician can be job-ready within weeks.

How Utilizing This Training Program Benefits Our Customers

It is essential that we provide the very best customer service. One way that we accomplish this is by pouring into our team with knowledge and hands-on experience. We’re proud to partner with Interplay Learning so our team can have opportunities for continuing education. Our customers will experience more profits due to faster troubleshooting sessions and turnaround time to fix an issue.

Hays Service is proud to partner with Interplay Learning to better serve our team and customers! Call us today with your questions: 478-475-4118