How the Intense Georgia Heat Affects Your HVAC & Employees

Man suffers from heat in the office or at home
Middle Georgia has experienced several days that are over 100 degrees, and the humidity that comes later in the summer can be worse! The combination of higher temps and humidity can create discomfort that is dangerous and unforgiving if you are playing or working outside. When HVAC equipment fails, the heat and humidity transfer to inside spaces where workers need proper ventilation to be efficient.

The Hays Service team finds many systems that are running but have not been serviced properly. This makes it almost impossible to reduce humidity and keep up with outside temperatures. In addition, energy costs rise due to neglect of proper preventative measures and the resulting premature failure of major components.

Comfort Can Be Achieved Through Proper Maintenance

Comfort can be achieved by proper coil cleaning, changing filters on time, and helping our customers program their thermostats. These simple factors have a very low cost but can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs. With larger and more complex controls, chillers, and boilers, we have tasking that produces activities that are not found in routine maintenance. This takes an experienced technician who is well trained to maintain them properly.

We usually do not like to think about our productivity as it relates to comfort. But, it has been studied and proven to be impacted significantly, even with modest discomfort. People need more breaks, they are distracted, and they achieve less for their companies when they are physically uncomfortable. So, when we harp on proper predictive and preventative maintenance activities, the benefits are endless.

Hays Service is Your Partner for Premier HVAC Maintenance

Many of our customers have chosen us to remain on their job site 40 hours/week to supplement their maintenance forces or in some cases run their HVAC systems entirely. We become an outside partner with their company, ensuring they minimize downtime and maximize energy consumption.

As you get hot this summer and start to sweat, think about your HVAC equipment and how hard it is working. You need to give this proper attention and partner with a company that believes in prevention, not just repair!

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