How Hays Service’s TOP Program Can Benefit Your Workplace

Hya's Employee's are in meeting

Does any of the following sound familiar in your workplace?

  • Changing technologies creating more complex systems.
  • Reduction in workforce, requiring you to do more with less staff.
  • Limited talent pool to fill more complicated jobs.
  • Current staff required to take on additional roles with which they have little or no training.

Maybe you have been assigned a job that is not in your wheelhouse. At Hays Service, we see this more and more each day as we speak with our customers. People in coaching roles or office managers are given the responsibility of facilities management, often times with little to no experience at all. Seeing this trend continuing to grow over the last few years, we have seen the need for and started our T.O.P. program.

The T.O.P. (Train Our Partners) Program was started to allow our customers to be better first responders in the event of an emergency. Our very own Senior Technicians along with third-party instructors provide technical training classes to our customers’ in-house personnel. Hays Service also provides safety training opportunities to our partners, as well. Hays Service has constructed a Training Center where we have proudly hosted several training sessions over the last 12 months, and we are scheduling more lunch-and-learn sessions for Fall 2021. We have also conducted these training sessions in mechanical rooms at customer locations, and attendees get real training and Q&A on working equipment.

As a partner with Hays Service, we want you and your people to be the very best first responders in the event of any emergency to avoid any costly downtime. Paramedics performing life support while our highly trained “physicians” are on the way.

As partners, together we can all achieve more. How may we serve you?

Bob King, Consultant at Hays Service