How Hays Service Delivers on the Promises We Make

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are constantly reminding ourselves at Hays that the above statement is true when it comes to understanding our customers’ needs. Our customers want to see action and not just statements about what we think they want to hear.

During the sales process, we must have true alignment between sales and operations. It can be easy for a prospect to hear how great we are from our sales team. But, if our sales team over-promises and operations under-delivers, we have a disappointed customer. This cannot happen as our referral relationship is vital to our maintenance base. Our core focus is Building Lasting Relationships. You will never be the best and grow if you cannot retain customers.

Our 77-year history has been built on maintaining high quality and value, a safe work environment, and retaining our customers. When our customer talks, we listen. Although we receive many compliments, sometimes we hear things we need to do differently. How we respond with action makes all the difference. We cannot be defensive or tell the customer how we see it and lose the interaction.

What I think about when I read Emerson’s quote is to be still, listen carefully, then respond accordingly with actions and words. We will not make excuses or talk too much. Together, let’s make a plan.

We have a proven process and many referrals to back it up. We want you to be an informed partner with us as you grow. We tell ourselves every day to slow down and understand the customers’ needs today, not yesterday or next year. We are proud of these partnerships and thankful for every customer we have today.

Cal Hays