How Hays Service Cultivates a Culture of Joy

joyful peopleI recently listened to a sermon by a prominent speaker who said he heard the phrase culture of joy, and it stopped him in his tracks. Who says that these days and in what context? People are constantly fighting with each other in all kinds of ways. We are constantly being bombarded with messages of hate and violence.

The person who said this phrase was Baylor’s basketball coach, and he was referring to his team this year who just won the NCAA basketball championship. He has a dedicated team of young men – black and white – who operate in a culture of joy. How is that possible today? Honestly, I’m not really sure but let me reflect.

As I age, my ultimate goal as a business owner (45 years) is to operate in a culture of joy. It will not be as exciting as winning the national championship to many people. But for me and our team of dedicated co-workers, it will be just as sweet!

So, what does that look like in a service business dedicated to helping our customers save capital expenses, while improving the environmental conditions of their spaces? On the surface, it’s not too exciting unless you look deeper into our organization. Our humble beginnings started in 1945 by my grandfather, a steam fitter by trade. Then his son, the first to go to college, becomes a mechanical engineer from Georgia Tech. At some point the joy became evident as people stayed with our company for decades upon decades. Customers came back again and again, and the reputation of caring took hold. Joy is deeper than being happy all the time. It requires being confident in your abilities and doing the right thing. Then you can have joy in knowing you’re taking care of your customer with the integrity needed to build lasting relationships.

Talk to our technicians and I think you will see some of that joy as they work! Let’s spread some of this around in 2021 and see what happens.

– Cal, Head Coach at Hays Service