Hays Service Proudly Implements XOi Technologies in the Field to Better Serve Our Customers


The field service industry is filled with essential workers who work around the clock to keep companies operating safely and effectively. At Hays Service, we understand how important our work is to help keep our clients safe and their operations running smoothly.

We’ve recently partnered with an incredible company called XOi Technologies to optimize our time and bridge the experience gap between new and seasoned technicians. Allow us to highlight how XOi Technologies is helping us be more efficient which, in turn, helps your company be more profitable:

What is XOi Technologies?

XOi Technologies acts as an all-in-one communication tool. It bridges the skilled trades gap, providing fast access to the team in the office with the team in the field.

“I directly support our operations team, so clear and quick communication is important to me,” said Alyssa Mathews, service coordinator at Hays Service. “XOi helps me by providing relevant information to make decisions and provides an option to share with our customers exactly what our technician is facing. It is quickly becoming a necessary tool for us to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.”

XOi helps our technicians become even more efficient and transparent, ultimately producing high-quality work at every jobsite.

What features does XOi offer?

The XOi communication tool boasts three features that can transform your technicians’ workday and provide a better outcome for both the customer and company. The three features can be broken down like this:

Capture – XOi Technologies enable your technicians to capture images and videos of the job during every phase of the project. This will help streamline workflows and keep everyone involved and up to speed.

Coach – Your technicians can access over 200,000 manuals, diagrams, and wireframes via the XOi Knowledge Base to best help him complete the job.

Collaborate – XOi Technologies enables your virtual team to connect easily with your on-field team via Live and Interactive Video Calling to complete the job. This minimizes the need for a second technician to be sent to the jobsite to help.

What are the benefits of XOi?

XOi Technologies benefits every party in the project – the technician, customer, and management team.

  • XOi Technologies gives the resources the technician needs to get the job done right the first time.
  • It provides clear communication to the customer and ensures the work is complete.
  • Lastly, XOi Technologies helps the management team view the work and verify everything was done correctly before the technician ever leaves the jobsite

It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Hays Service is proud to implement XOi Technologies to better serve our customers! If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to call us today: 478-475-4118