Hays Service is Excited to Announce Our Partnership with Reedy Industries

You may have heard that Hays Service is now a part of Reedy Industries, a group of HVAC service companies in the Southeast and Midwest states. What does this bring to our long history of success in Middle Georgia?

It is tough to grow and sustain a company with the overall goal to bring continuous value. Our industry is consolidating while technology is expanding and growing more expensive. The ability to compete for the top talent requires the best customer base and the top wage, benefits, and training. Most independent companies are struggling to meet all those demands.

As we considered how we wanted to stay on top of the trends needed for excellence, we decided to be open-minded when it came to joining a larger group. Eventually, Reedy Industries reached out to us and said they wanted to discuss our culture, our people, and how we handled our customers. By talking with other member companies within Reedy Industries, we discovered that Reedy Industries’ 92-year mechanical service history was stellar. Their leadership is strong, and people are the most important asset. In addition, many sister companies have expertise in areas we are less experienced in, which will immediately enhance our offerings to current customers.

Joining the Reedy Industries Team of Service Providers

After many months of conversations and checking all the boxes (and there were many), Hays Service joined the Reedy Industries team of service providers. We have already had success combining our team’s core strengths with another local acquisition, Hamlin Air, to help our current customers. Our Linc Service partnership is intact and stronger than ever, as well. We are also excited about opportunities to add people and services from other areas to our team through acquisition.

We are now poised to do things we could only dream of a few years ago. We have the financial strength and access to the tools necessary to be the leader in HVAC service in our area. Our team is growing and getting stronger as a result of the Reedy Industries purchase. I have never been more optimistic than I am right now. I know our company can preserve its legacy and secure a brighter future for the employees and the customers we hold in such high regard.

We are continuing our passion for “Building Lasting Relationships” every day with people who want to lead this industry into the next century and beyond. We are a proud member of the Reedy Industries team!

  • Cal Hays & Calvin Hays