Hays Service Goals & Ambitions for 2020

a notepad with a list of smart goals for 2020As I reflect on what happened to our company over the last decade, I believe strongly that you achieve what you set your mind on, you get what you pay for, and life is never easy (but worth the effort)! I have believed that for most of my career, but as I age, it’s something I focus on every day.

My goal for our company this year is to use these principles to direct us for the next decade in all areas. Although everyone may not agree on these principles or how to accomplish our goals, we must direct our focus on ways to get better, institute a plan, and work hard until we find success.

That being said, we need to revisit our vision for the company, get feedback, and eventually buy-in from all levels of the company. We have a process for this that we have used over for several years and, as it continues to develop, the power of teamwork takes on a new meaning.

We want to be the highest quality service provider in planned maintenance, including all facets related to energy savings and capital cost avoidance.

If our team is only focused on a repair and not the underlying cause, we may miss an opportunity to really help our customer with his capital outlay. So, we must agree on what our goals are for each customer. Overall, it is always preventing breakdowns with planned maintenance, which saves energy and keeps them from replacing equipment prematurely.

Each technician, project manager, and support staff must agree that planned maintenance is the main goal to really make our system work. That becomes our master plan, and we must communicate that every day.

Next month, I will focus on value and making sure you get what you pay for. Let’s have a great year together… an exciting new decade is here! Enjoy your life, and please be safe until next time we talk.

Cal, Hays Service Head Coach