At Hays Service, We Are Family!

With my dad’s 90th birthday party just concluding, it is easy to discuss a consistent theme around our office lately. I keep hearing from our guys that “We are family” and “We are Hays!” This has not been said out of jest or to make me as an owner feel good. It has been said out of tragedy and heartache, as well as success with our customers.

Let me explain.

We recently had a significant agreement with one of our largest customers come up for renewal. It is a major industrial customer with a lot of resources and purchasing power. It would be easy for them to reach out to a much larger national manufacturer or contractor for additional pricing. But, they chose not to do that … why?

I believe that most people are not shopping on price, particularly with a service like ours. So, when our guys say, “We are Hays”, what they are communicating to our customer is that our success does not rise or fall on one person or group. It is a team of field support professionals, along with a supervisory staff and in-house office support to make sure accountability is always there. It also means that we have a system or a process (Linc Service) that keeps us consistent and committed to doing world-class maintenance.

It also means that as we “Love Our People” every day, our family must care for its people or family members. This caring attitude can help deal with some difficult family issues both at home and at work. We cannot ignore what each person needs when a crisis occurs that affects their security and mental wellbeing. So, we reach out and pray, take food to them, visit in the hospital, or just send flowers and letters of encouragement. Not big things, but gentle and caring reminders of who we are.

Our team says, “We are family” and “We are Hays” 24/7, 365 days a year. Come join our family of employees, customers, support vendors, and manufacturers. We need all of you to succeed and make our family stronger!

Cal Hays