Happy Labor Day!

Sometimes you just have to say it: Dadgum, it has been hot lately!

With Labor Day being celebrated this month, it no better time to thank the men and women of our country who work so hard to make it great.

We at Hays have some of the most dedicated technicians, admin, sales, and operations and project managers in the Southeast. I know that sounds like a bold statement, but look at our customers. From some of the oldest institutions in the state, to the largest employers in middle Georgia, to a wide variety of professional offices and medical practices, we have served some of our valued customers for over 50 years.

I know you think I am bragging and you’re saying, “So, what makes you so unique?” It’s our core values and our core focus. We cannot work for everyone. We have skills some people may not need. We have to be sure our customers are taken care of 24/7, when we’re needed. That requires a different level of expertise along with systems and people who can respond to these challenges.

So back to the weather being really hot for the last 4 months. We know that equipment failures and unscheduled downtime cause countless problems in a production environment.  We know that failures may cause tremendous discomfort to people or to machines that need cooling to run, all affecting productivity.

Our team is on call 24/7, and is ready to respond to any emergency that arises with our hundreds of customers, customers who depend on us year in and year out.  When you see our technicians, most of them may be smiling, but please know how hard they’re working. They only care about one thing: keeping you up and running at maximum efficiency.

Oh, and about our core values? Check out our website for more information on those.

And our core focus?  It’s easy to remember: Building Lasting Relationships!

Stay cool and stay safe,