COVID-19 Forces A “New Normal” for the USA

american flagWe seem to be entering a new era that happened almost overnight. But, did it really? I think we have been ignoring many things – some personal and some worldly issues that got us here.

On a personal level for me, my spiritual life has always kept me grounded. I have been through some tough issues in my life and always knew there was a God who loved me, and I could depend on Him. But looking back over the past year, I was starting to think I was a lot smarter than I was. I did not understand the global economy and the effects a pandemic might have on us. I was starting to think that we could thrive without regard to so many existential threats.

Does that mean I should build a bunker, get food for a year, and hunker down? No, but I think it means I should be more aware of the connectivity we all have as individuals and employers in this country. When someone says, “Buy local when you can and support products made in the US,” we should do that. Competition is good for all of us and keeps us on our toes. But we all have gotten spoiled at assuming we could have our cake and eat it, too!

I do not want this to sound political because it is not where I am headed. We are a loving people and a loving country… when we want to be. We have lost some of our way this past decade as the economy rebounded and things were better financially for many people.

I have decided that no matter where we end up, as COVID-19 runs through our country, I am going to have a different attitude. We have been saying for a few years around our company that we must “Love our People” and we have banners and slogans to reinforce it. But this is different now. In addition to loving our people and customers, we must start loving our country again and the people in it.

Thanks for being a loyal customer. We pledge to do everything possible to keep your building safe, efficient, and healthy.

God bless you,

Cal Hays

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