Building Lasting Relationships Amid COVID-19

Our core focus can be summed up in three words – “Building Lasting Relationships.” But, what does that truly mean particularly amid a global pandemic and how the world functions now?

During the COVID-19 crisis, this core focus has become a beacon of light for us to follow. People are scared and we have many customers who are asking what they should be doing right now. We have spent countless hours talking to our 100+ Linc partners around the country gathering facts. Our existing methods of protecting the indoor air quality are high and now we are taking them even higher. We know keeping a building and its working environment safe is more important than ever.

How does this relate to our core focus? Let’s take each word and examine its motive.

Our first word is “Building” and that has many connotations for us. We love building things – it’s what we do every day. It could be building new systems for our planned maintenance, installing HVAC equipment, or replacing components.

The word “Lasting” is a key strategy for any good working relationship. If we cannot develop a long-term approach to helping our customers, we do not think it is worthwhile. Short term gain does not align with our core values and creates a very different business model.

Finally, the word “Relationships” is in many ways self-explanatory. We have built our company over the last 75 years on this word. This relates to both internal and external efforts to keep tabs on how our relationships are developing each year. Our people develop strong ties to each other, which in turn creates a desire to do the same for our customers.

We continue to build lasting relationships year after year. Striving to be better in our profession and provide value beyond just a maintenance agreement or project. During this uncertain time, I believe with all my heart that “Life is hard, but God is good.”

Peace and joy to all,

Cal Hays, President of Hays Service