Bob Dylan’s Wise Words Ring True in 2022

“The times are a-changin!” – Bob Dylan

When Bob Dylan wrote these words and song in 1964, little did he know that they would be relevant in 2022. Sometimes, we walk around trying to keep things from changing.

Our mission at Hays Service is to encourage people to reevaluate what they have been doing with their mechanical systems. For many years, owners and managers do the same things related to major mechanical issues in their buildings or production facilities. For example, they deal with hot and cold complaints the same way or try to outsmart the equipment failure rate.

The bottom line is that you cannot fool Mother Nature! If you do not maintain something properly, it will eventually fail every time. And that will most likely occur when you need it the most.

How Hays Service Can Help 

Our overall concept is simple. We know what equipment needs to run properly, which reduces failure, saves energy, and increases comfortability. We apply those strategies day in and day out. We track every task and measure every key metric. We stay on top of items that may fail and replace them before they do. It sounds simple but unless you are dedicated to planned/predictive maintenance, it will not happen consistently enough to work.

Most companies have a maintenance team or service companies who turn into firefighters, so to speak. When a problem arises, they come quickly and put out that “fire” and move on to the next one. They don’t address the root cause of the problem. The vicious cycle repeats itself over and over. It is very costly in every respect. 

Yes, times are “a-changin”! Let us show you a new way to handle these issues. Talk to some of our customers and see if they like our methods. We know you will like what you hear!

– Cal Hays