Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Alive

What does “Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Alive” really mean in our company? It is our 2019 safety mantra and without some additional clarification, it means very little. More importantly, what does it mean for our customers? It means a lot and I will tell you why!

Companies that give lip service with regards to safety and its importance provides insight into their leadership and culture. Additionally, it is a huge risk to use a company that allows people to work with disregard to the health and safety of coworkers, customers, and employees.

We deal with many hazardous materials and work in dangerous environments. We often work in mechanical rooms with high voltage and moving parts that can cause tremendous harm if not maintained properly. We work on ladders and roofs every day. Our customer work areas have many risks of injury to others if safety protocols are not followed at all times. It is amazing that you can die from a four-foot fall or burn down a building because you don’t have the proper fire extinguisher available at the work site.

So, what should you do? Make safety the highest priority in your company and communicate this message from the top with passion! It is not just a bunch of words or slogans but detailed OSHA-driven safety practices and training, industry-specific and tailored to your working environment.

Everyone should be involved, from the president to the entry-level technician or mechanic. Measure your success each week and, if there are no accidents, talk about near misses. Get feedback from your workforce and, in some cases, educate your customer on what they should do to create a safe work environment. It is a relentless process that must never stop and will allow you to work smarter when everyone feels safe and secure.

Let’s get back to culture and what you can tell about a safe company. There are metrics, like MOD rates, calculated and recorded by the insurance industry. All data that is found, such as loss-time injuries, must be kept. This is very objective data that can tell you what their safety record is on paper. But culture is not that objective, and my belief is that if you find a company with a consistent stellar safety record, you will find a company that cares about its people. In turn, this shows that the company also cares about the customer!

Let me explain. When you have a senior management team that puts safety before it profits, you have a culture of caring. That culture drives us to perform professionally with our customers. This commitment to safety is one of the biggest indicators or quality and dedication to a customer.

So, I hope the next time you see one of our technicians or managers, ask them if safety is the #1 priority at Hays Service and if we stand behind our commitment for zero accidents. A safe culture equals everyone goes home healthy and happy, and our customer benefits from a more productive work environment. That’s what it means to “Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Alive” each day at Hays Service!

– Cal