Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Problems this Summer

commercial refrigeration Businesses that rely on large, walk-in refrigeration units don’t always consider how important those units are to success. Commercial refrigeration systems are expensive to fix or replace. Thankfully, with attentive care and proper maintenance, business owners can optimize the lifespan of their systems and significantly reduce the chance of serious breakdowns.

Clean the Inside of Your Units Often

Whether you have one unit or five, it’s important to clean and check them weekly, at the very least. Clean any spills, stains, or clutter so that air flow is maximized and fluids aren’t able to make contact with any electrical components. Check each unit for problematic signs such as:

  • Issues with the door or hinges
  • Leaks
  • Strange noises from the fan
  • Temperature problems

If you discover any problems, contact your professional immediately.

Be Energy-Efficient

As a business, your electric bill is already one of your major expenses. If your business utilizes larger, walk-in units with lights, it’s crucial for you and your employees to be energy-efficient with your units by turning the lights off when no one is inside. In addition to the obvious energy usage of the lights, they can also produce heat. Heat inside of a refrigerator or cooler means the unit must work harder and can ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan or more frequent servicing needs.

Check Temperatures Every Day

Especially if your business serves food and drink, proper temperature is a necessity to maintain the quality of your products. If you begin to find variations in temperature, this is a good indication that you have a problem. A specific part may be failing, causing the fluctuation in temperature, which is also not good for perishable products.

Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Units

If your business relies on large refrigeration units, odds are that a breakdown could be very damaging to your business. When a unit goes down, food and other perishable items can spoil quickly. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, take a proactive approach with preventive maintenance from Hays Service. We can help identify potential problems before they become costly problems that impact your business.

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