An Inside Look at the Unforeseen Consequences of Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance refers to an approach to maintenance that postpones important upkeep of machinery and equipment. It may benefit a company in the short run by saving maintenance costs in the present, but it almost always results in long-term struggles or failure in the future.

Allow us to explain why deferred maintenance is so detrimental to a company’s success and how partnering with Hays Service can help.

Why Deferred Maintenance is Detrimental to a Company’s Success

Deferred maintenance can cripple a company’s financial state and productivity. When a company chooses to defer its maintenance, it is “buying time” before a breakdown occurs. Although deferred maintenance may help a company save a few dollars up front, it will cost the company even more to fix the machine and suffer through downtime when a breakdown occurs. The best way to save money in the long run and keep your machines healthy and running for many years is by implementing predictive maintenance practices.

Deferred maintenance can negatively affect another vital factor of your company – your team’s productivity. Lack of productivity could be due to poor indoor air quality (employee’s health), a machine struggling to work, and other factors. This is why deferred maintenance is so detrimental to a company’s wallet! You are not only paying for costly breakdowns and unforeseen downtime but also a lack of productivity from your team and equipment.

In addition to financial stress and minimal productivity, deferred maintenance might cause the following consequences:

  • Compromised health
  • Equipment burning out prematurely
  • Inefficient equipment
  • Non-compliance
  • Poor building quality
  • Safety hazards
  • Stressed employees

Good news! With one phone call to Hays Service (478-475-4118), you can rest assured that the consequences listed above will not happen to your company. Let us introduce you to predictive maintenance.

Goodbye, deferred maintenance. Hello, predictive maintenance!

The Hays Service team proudly offers predictive maintenance to our customers. This approach to maintenance puts money back in your pocket by identifying issues before they turn into serious problems. Through vibration analysis, thermal imaging, and other issue-detecting services, our team will monitor the health of your equipment and fix it when necessary. Benefits of predictive maintenance include:

  • Happier employees
  • Improved working and safety conditions
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Reduced owning & operating cost
  • Set cost for maintenance instead of emergency breakdown cost

If you’re not benefiting from predictive maintenance, start your journey today. It’s always a good time to make decisions that benefit your company’s financial state and improve your employee’s productivity and health!

Ditch deferred maintenance today. Partner with Hays Service for premier predictive maintenance services: 478-475-4118