A New Direction For Hays Service: The PremiStar Way

Our new partner, PremiStar, and our owner recently held a town hall meeting. Hays Service is now being branded as A PremiStar Company and is part of a growing national organization. Joe Kirmser, PremiStar’s CEO, gave us an important update on the goals and direction of our group. With more than 2,000 employees, including 1,400 field-based technicians, in 41 locations and 12 states, PremiStar has a base of both technical and administrative knowledge that helps us lead in our region.

Some of the highlights from the town hall were:

  • The PremiStar Way, including:
    • People First
    • Operational Excellence
    • Customer Growth
    • Acquisition Growth
  • Ways to Accomplish these goals:
    • Recruit , Develop and Reward the Team
    • Operate Safely & Efficiently
    • Supercharge Organic Growth with New & Existing Accounts
    • Expand Geographic Reach, Density and Capabilities

Expanded Talent Pool for Employees

Being big for the sake of being big is not always good for a company. If you cannot hire, train and maintain a consistent workforce in a technical industry, you will sooner or later be in trouble. While our economy has provided a lot of potential work over the last 10 years, we have struggled to find qualified workers. In addition, the pandemic prompted a lot of turnover and early retirements.

PremiStar has provided us at Hays the opportunity to find qualified technicians in other parts of the Southeast that, as a smaller company, we would have never had access to. Their incentives and large HR group has assisted us in finding candidates looking for the stability and benefits of a larger organization. With the right people in the right seats, our growth has been outstanding these last few years.

Operating Safely and Efficiently

Safety is key in any service-based company or enterprise. It sets the tone and culture of the organization. I have always said, “Look at the safety record of a potential service or construction organization and you will know something about its integrity.” If an organization doesn’t care about the health of their employees, they will not care about your facility’s health, either. PremiStar has an extensive commitment to safety and the same is demanded of all its companies.

Sustainability for a Better Future

Sustainability is our business. PremiStar has been around since 1930 and Hays was started in 1945. We have been able to sustain ourselves for almost 100 years, but the future is never guaranteed.

To provide some sustainability perspective, HVAC systems in commercial buildings consume 12% of all electricity used in the United States. Each time we maintain, repair, or replace HVAC equipment, we improve the energy efficiency of a facility, reducing their environmental impact and greenhouse gas footprint. This is a huge opportunity for us to be good stewards of our customers’ and our planet’s resources.

The PremiStar Way, Hays Service, and You

So, what does all of this mean to you, our customer?  Knowledge is power – and with over 10,000 customers in the PremiStar network, we get tremendous insight into trends that are happening in the industry. That translates into efficiency, buying power and training that gives better value to our customers.

While we are now part of a nationwide network, the bottom line is that we are still managed locally and our leadership will stay close to the customers we serve. We have an extensive group of excellent companies striving to create processes and procedures to make us stronger. We know that building a shared culture of sustainability and social responsibility will take time. But with a plan and adherence to the PremiStar Way as a guiding light, this goal can be achieved.

We are all in!

Coach Cal