5 Reasons Why You Must Prioritize Boiler Maintenance

The cost of goods and services is increasing, and we know business owners are scrutinizing their budgets and looking for ways to save money any way they can. We encourage you to keep your boiler maintenance program intact, as the safety of your personnel, building, and equipment rely on this service. Several data points that are checked during regular boiler maintenance include:

  • Boiler & water column blowdown timing
  • Boiler exhaust temperature
  • Boiler pressure & temperature
  • Burner flame for proper combustion
  • Feedwater pressure & temperature
  • Feedwater tank level
  • Proper operation of control valves
  • Water samples
  • Water treatment systems

If any abnormalities are found in these data points, they are addressed immediately. Regular maintenance checks are how catastrophic equipment failure is avoided! Consider five reasons why boiler maintenance checks must be prioritized:

1. Safety of Personnel is on the Line

Catastrophic failure of boiler equipment can severely injure the boiler operator and surrounding personnel. At every boiler maintenance check that Hays Service performs, we check the safety equipment connected to the boiler, such as safety valves, gas/fuel train valves, and others, to ensure they are not compromised. Having an expert scrutinize the boiler’s safety equipment must be done regularly, not just once a year.

2. Boiler System Inefficiencies Can Be Found

When your Hays Service technician is conducting the boiler maintenance check, one of the data points he will examine is the boiler operating pressure and temperature and the exhaust temperature. If one is significantly higher than the other, that is an indicator of system inefficiency with the control switch operation or burner combustion. If the boiler continues running despite the inefficiencies, tube failure will occur. Instead of paying for regular maintenance checks, the business owner will pay for equipment repair and an emergency maintenance appointment.

3. Thermal Fatigue and/or Thermal Shock Can Be Avoided

Proper feedwater system operation is directly linked to efficient boiler system function. If the temperature or pressure is not where it should be, thermal shock or thermal fatigue may occur. Cracks may form in the boiler shell and dangerous vapors may be released, resulting in injuries to boiler operators and nearby personnel.

4. Combustion-Related Dangers Can Be Detected

Combustion-related dangers can be detected by checking the sight glass flame and adjusting it if necessary. When the sight glass flame is out of normal range, tuning or impingement issues can form. Further, water level issues must be addressed to avoid combustion-related injuries and equipment failure.

5. Taking Water Samples Provide Clarity

When your Hays Service technician regularly checks water treatment equipment and examines water samples, he can pinpoint issues that could otherwise cause:

  • Boiler inefficiencies
  • Component failures
  • Corrosion
  • Corrosion of boiler metals or steam lines
  • Dangerous conditions
  • Improper operation
  • Increased amount of impurities
  • Operational concerns
  • Overheating of boiler tubes

The bottom line is that if you don’t pay for regular boiler maintenance checks, you will pay for repairs or a complete replacement of your boiler system. One is much more affordable than the other. Regular boiler maintenance checks will save money, keep your personnel safe, and extend your equipment life.

The Hays Service team can perform boiler maintenance checks to extend the life of your equipment! Call us today: 478-475-4118