4 Core Values That Drive the Hays Service Team

core valuesCore values are the foundation to every act of communication and decision made within a company. It fuels the team and connects a company to its customers. At Hays Service, the core values that drive us are caring, professional, committed, and integrity. Discover how these four core values can help your company succeed:

Core Value: Caring

We care about your business succeeding with minimal downtime and maximum profit! We know that your success ultimately helps the community succeed, as well. Our caring attitude seeps into every decision we make and action we take. We will never pressure you into a decision or act with negligence. We want you to feel confident with the services we offer, knowing that it comes from a place that cares about your company’s health and success.

Core Value: Professional

At Hays Service, we put a lot of emphasis on professionalism within the workplace and at every jobsite. We know that your business is incredibly important to you, and we want to show you the respect you deserve by acting, speaking, and remaining professional always.

Core Value: Committed

Our core value, committed, is two-fold. We are committed to our team and our customers. We believe that commitment starts internally, within the walls of the Hays Service building and among our team members. We are committed to our team members’ personal and professional success! Our leadership team aids their growth through continued education, constructive critique, and a surplus of appreciation.

Core Value: Integrity

Integrity is the practice of being honest and not compromising on your ethical values. Having integrity is a must at Hays Service, as it strengthens the relationships we have with each other and our clients. We want you to be 100% confident in our team when we are at your facility, knowing fully that we are taking care of your machinery and equipment.

Partner with Hays Service

We use our core values to hire our associates, evaluate them, and to help us make good business decision every day. It is not just a poster on the wall or a slogan in our branding. These are tested and well thought out attributes by the leadership team who understands the value of them. Often, these values help us make difficult business calls, always putting the customer at the forefront. We hope our commitment to upholding them will always be evident in everything we do. We would be honored to partner with you today. Give us a call: (478) 475-4118