An Open Letter to Building Owners

Dear Building Owners, Managers and Supervisors, What makes a great building experience for occupants, guest and tenants? Is it nice furnishings, lighting, cleanliness, tall ceilings? I think it is all of those
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Common Objections

I’m proud to say that Hays Service has been in the “HVAC business” for over 70 years. During that time, we’ve been many things to our customers. From mechanical contractors installing stainless steel piping and complex HVAC
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Our Team & Ladder Safety

Unless you spend a lot of time going up and down ladders during the day, odds are you don’t think much about ladder safety throughout the course of any given week. But would you if
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Project Spotlight: 13WMAZ Chiller Install

A few weeks ago we were contacted by 13WMAZ to help them with a slight cooling problem.  Their main chiller (responsible for over 75% of the facility's comfort) was operating on two of the four compressors. 
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Best Practices In Energy Management

High energy costs and increasing competition have business owners and executives looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. An organization wide energy management program can help you save substantially on operating costs over the long term,
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America’s Clean Energy Revolution

Over the past four years, America's clean energy future has come into sharper focus. Yesterday's visionary goals are now hard data -- tangible evidence that our energy system is undergoing a transformation.

 The Energy Department's new
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